Vertical Floor Series

Vertical Floor Series offer a wide variety of styles to address multiple applications. Options are available for both exposed or concealed solutions to address heating and cooling for building perimeters, school classrooms, dorm rooms and hospitality rooms. Nominal CFM range is 130-1200.


  • 200 to 1200 CFM
  • ECM motor option with an efficiency range of 65 – 85% compared to the efficiency range of 30 – 40% on a standard PSC motor
  • High performance hydronic coils that average 26% percent greater capacity than the previous Vertical series coils
  • Filter replacements require no tools, so changing them out is literally a snap
  • Highly customizable cabinetry allows for flexible footprints making this unit a great fit for new construction or renovation


  • Application fit — available in eight nominal sizes for applications in a variety of room layouts
  • Design flexibility — standard and high-capacity hydronic coils are available to match the space heating and cooling loads
  • Ease of installation — factory assembly minimizes piping and electrical work required at job site
  • Quality and safety — every unit is tested, inspected, and AHRI certified
  • Ease of service — all components are accessible by removing the front panel, making them one of the most maintenance friendly units available

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