ASHRAE standards suggest that the life expectancy of hydronic fan coil units is 20 years. IEC is here as your partner as you search for solutions to help you balance operational spend and capital spend. We can help you mitigate the effects of aging assets and decide how to budget short term to prolong equipment life, and plan for the right type of thoughtful investment in your future.

Stage 1
Design / Build

Millions of IEC fan coils are quietly delivering quality indoor air to hotel occupants across the globe. This stage of your Lifecycle is the best time to partner with IEC to consider the investment in your HVAC systems.

Stage 2
Parts / Maintenance

We are committed to simplifying your maintenance by coaching you through Attic Stock programs from day 1, and remaining your partner for ongoing parts orders that support routine maintenance.

Stage 3
Sustainable Enhancement

There are a myriad of ways you can extend the life of your HVAC with thoughtful upgrades along the way. Our engineers can help you identify the enhancements that align with your needs, and budget.

Stage 4

When full restoration is not the best way to spend your time or your budget, IEC has industry leading refurbishment options for your remodel and restoration projects.

Stage 5

When your fan coils truly reach end of life, leverage our expertise. Our innovative solutions have changed the industry and continue to set the standard time and again. We are ready to be your partner.

Ready to talk to IEC about making HVAC Lifecyle decisions in your facility?

LINC with IEC today and one of our HVAC Lifecycle specialists will respond within 2 business days!


Our team at IEC understands how to maximize the investment you make in equipment to improve the life cycle of your HVAC systems.

We are here every step of the way to insure that your RevPAR metrics are in line with your facility goals.


Take advantage of our vast network of Representatives and Partners across the nation, plus a world-class team of engineering experts – we are your go-to installation support for new jobs and remodels.


IEC Engineers are responsible for pioneering some of the most key fan coil innovations in the industry like SureFlow™ and RestoraMod™. Our team is YOUR team when it comes to Navigating the path to custom solutions.


An IEC single point of contact is available to be your personal navigator that ensures the application / installation of IEC products meet your lifecycle commitment to your facility. Click Here to tell us a little about where you're at, let's see if you are a fit for our LINC Relationship Program.

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