Aftermarket Fan Coil Parts

Protect your reputation, assets, time and warranty by using genuine IEC OEM Fan Coil Parts

IEC’s hydronic fan coil units are carefully engineered with precise component combinations to optimize unit performance and ensure the best comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality with the lowest sound levels.

When there is a need for a routine unit maintenance or part replacement, genuine OEM parts from IEC are the ONLY authorized-by-IEC source to fulfill most customer demands.

The aftermarket team at IEC is excited about our eCommerce partnership to get IEC OEM parts in your hands quicker! Complete the brief form below, if there are service issues we can help with our team will reach out to you. After you submit the form, you’ll be directed to our online OEM Parts Store!



Bipolar Ionizer & Filters

Blower Housings

Control Boards, Fuses, Switches

PSC & ECM Motors


Why use genuine IEC OEM fan coil parts?

  • Ease of installation - exact drop-in replacement
  • Guaranteed reliability and exceptional factory support
  • Safe system operation
  • Retain published system efficiencies and AHRI ratings and certification
  • Preserve critical sound level and sound quality requirements
  • Re-establish unit’s original performance
  • Maintain ETL certification

Ordering Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available from your local IEC sales representative. To find your local representative, use our Rep Locator.

When ordering parts, identify the Model or Serial number on the unit.

A replacement parts list for equipment may be available depending on the age of equipment and serial information.

Contact Us

For questions on parts specifications, upgrades to motors and controls or other general parts questions, contact our Customer Service team:

[email protected]

+1 405-605-5000

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