At IEC, we do not believe that one size fits all. In fact, it is just the opposite. We continually work to improve our product designs and technology to meet the unique needs of a wide range of environments, ensuring the best combination of energy savings, quiet operation, comfort, reduced operating costs, and maintenance requirements.

Based on our commitment to providing the best match of product to the application and environment, IEC fan coils are the preferred choice in such vertical markets as hospitality, healthcare, education, multi-family housing, and office environments.

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  • Guest comfort and satisfaction is our top priority
  • Solutions to meet sound performance requirements
  • RestoraMod™ Line designed to reduce room downtime with renovations or replacement
  • Vertical Stack Product Line offers numerous solutions for hospitality needs

Providing Comfort to Guests and Staff Members

For hotels and casinos, guest comfort and brand experience are paramount. Contributing to these outcomes is the operation of the facilities’ HVAC systems, including critical parameters such as guest comfort, product reliability, and cost efficiency. For decades, IEC has brought this commitment to the industry, delivering consistently high standards of performance in all aspects of fan coil design, operation, service, and support.

IEC offers a wide array of fan coil products designed to fulfill these goals, providing highly flexible solutions that can be customized to fit highly specific requirements. An example of the company’s drive to create superior fan coil products is seen in the RestoraMod™ Line which is specifically designed to minimize the downtime and disruption that is normally associated with HVAC renovation and replacement. For new construction, our Vertical Stack Product Line offers all the various solutions and performance parameters to meet sound performance requirements while still offering comfort to guests.

Application-focused design, quick, easy installation, ease of maintenance, and reliable performance are the hallmarks of IEC products. And for this industry, the characteristics are focused on helping hospitality providers do what they do best: provide guests the ultimate in comfort and contribute to an overall satisfying guest experience.

Higher Education

  • Product offerings to meet university housing staff’s cost and efficiency requirements
  • Adaptable fan coil products for new and existing buildings
  • Slim Horizontal Hideaway series perfect size for space constrained dorm rooms
  • Realize savings with SureFlow® products, offering 4-pipe performance with 2-pipe systems

Creating the Right Environment for Student Housing Facilities

Today, residence halls and other student housing facilities require safe, quiet environments that are also energy efficient and cost effective.

IEC’s innovative and flexible hydronic fan coil line offers the high-performance that is most in demand for student living. Our products offer university housing designers, administrators, and maintenance staff the confidence that they’re providing superior comfort, and a quiet and energy-efficient system. And with IEC products, they can be sure that this system is attractive and adaptable to both new and existing buildings, as well as historic spaces. In addition, we offer state-of-the-art filtration options and industry leading product efficiencies.

Our slim Horizontal Hideaway Series is designed for ceiling installation, perfect for dorm rooms and other housing with space constraints. Additionally, our innovative SureFlow® Systems are designed to provide 4-pipe performance with 2 installed pipes, reducing piping and labor costs by up to 40 percent. This can provide huge operating cost savings for the facility.

Reduced maintenance and operating expenses, safety, ease of installation and replacement, and individual zone control makes IEC the right choice for educational facility internal comfort, and bottom- line efficiency.

K - 12

  • Creating a comfortable environment without noise distractions is our goal
  • Adaptable fan coil products for new and existing buildings
  • Vertical Floor Series designed for unobtrusive perimeter heating and cooling
  • Sloped cabinet offering prevents items placed on top of the grilles

Creating the Right Environment for Education

Great educational environments encourage productivity because they are comfortable and have few noise distractions. Yet these results are challenging to get when system reliability, ease of service, cutting operational costs and providing great air quality are also priorities.

IEC recognizes these priorities for today’s schools. Our Vertical Floor Series is designed for concealed or unobtrusive perimeter cooling and heating while creating a quieter, more comfortable learning environment. The Vertical Sloped Cabinet Series is perfect for applications where it is necessary to prevent items from being placed over the grilles on the top panel.

Multi-Family Residential

  • Maximizing floor space and offering discreet, aesthetically relevant fan coils critical
  • Low cost of operating and ease of maintenance built into design
  • Discreet Lowboy Hideaway series designed for hidden or exposed applications
  • Flexible design options for renovation or new construction

Maximizing Comfort and Space in Residential Towers

For high-rise residential towers and other multi-family facilities, architectural and space challenges are key considerations when choosing an HVAC system, along with overall comfort, energy efficiency, and low sound levels. Often, flexibility is a necessity when locating the mechanical equipment during the construction phase, as well as the need to be able to maximize sellable floor space. In addition to flexibility, aesthetics and installed cost are key drivers of which fan coil product to ultimately choose.

Low cost of operation and ease of maintenance are built in, while proper air flow is facilitated and performance of each fan coil unit is enhanced through IEC’s advanced technology and streamlined design. In addition, IEC offers some of the quietest systems available in the industry, impacting overall IEQ (Internal Environmental Quality).

Our discreet Vertical Lowboy Hideaway Series is designed for hidden or exposed applications, perfect for under windows, avoiding interference with vision through the window, obstructing light or detracting from the motif in the room.

Even with floor plan changes down the road, IEC can accommodate any multi-family unit project beautifully. IEC systems can be configured to match the specialized requirements of renovations and retrofit projects by delivering flexible design options and minimal piping penetrations.


  • Offerings designed for best combination of performance, efficiency and low cost
  • Demands for higher CFM ranges or high-static can be met
  • Direct Drive Blower Coil series ideal for large office spaces and meeting rooms
  • Split-coil options designed for precise occupant comfort and indoor air quality

Providing Comfort to Offices

IEC is able to apply our industry-leading expertise to the specialized air management requirements of office environments. We adapt our products and systems to deliver the ideal solution to your specific challenges. In addition to the most comprehensive standard product offering available, IEC can work with you to tailor the products that offer you the best combination of performance, efficiency and low cost. For building developers, owners and managers, this flexibility and product choice is critical, whether it’s new construction or retrofit.

It’s well documented that improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of a building will contribute to improved health, increased productivity and wellbeing. Precise occupant comfort and enhanced indoor air quality can be controlled with IEC optional split coil design. Conditioned air is mixed with return air to obtain the desired comfort level.

Our Direct Drive Blower Coil Series is ideal for accommodating large office spaces, meeting rooms or back-of-house environments demanding higher CFM ranges. This level of comfort and efficiency are common denominators that define a building’s long-term success.

In addition, precise space control, acoustics, aesthetics, and space constraints are issues that IEC is qualified to tackle. Regardless of the size of the space, or the project, IEC is positioned to deliver the best fan coil solution.

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