IEC Belt Drive HBD

The compact blower coils are ideal for a variety of ducted applications that require a nominal CFM range of 600 to 4000 (actual CFM 300 to 5100), and total static pressure of up to 2.5+ w.g. These units provide comfort cooling and heating while offering a broad range of application flexibility between the traditional fan coil unit and a central station air handling unit.


  • 600-4000 CFM
  • Several configurations are available to meet the needs of different climates and applications
  • Large access panels on both sides offer ease of maintenance
  • Removable, double-sloped, non-corrosive stainless steel drain pan
  • Removable blower and motor assembly
  • Isolated blower assembly for quiet operation


  • Ease of maintenance and service — Tool-free and easily accessible filters from multiple sides
  • Ease of installation — Units pre-assembled with factory installed optional electric heater controls reduce the field labor required and provide a single point of responsibility
  • Noise reduction — Isolated blower assembly for quiet operation
  • Application fit — Units can be floor or ceiling mounted

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