24V Premium 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (Proportional)

The Neptronic 7-Day Programmable thermostat (Proportional control) is a fully configurable unit or wall-mount controller designed for hydronic fan coils. It is compatible with Proportional valve controls for applications in....


  • Heating, cooling and reheat
  • Auxiliary electric heat
  • Backlit LCD with simple icon, text driven menus
  • 2 Pipes with Analog, ON/OFF, or Floating
  • 4 Pipes with Analog, ON/OFF, or with local reheat function
  • 7-day programming logic
  • 2 or 4 daily independent time schedule and temperature
  • AM-PM or 24 hours time display
  • Temporary override programmed temperature
  • Selectable internal/external temperature sensor
  • Changeover by contact or external temperature sensor
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit scale selectable
  • Selectable proportional control band and dead band

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