Bipolar Ionizer

The Plasma Air 600 Series Bipolar Ionizer cleans the air by introducing positive and negative ions into the space through the fan coil airflow. It is safe, ozong free, easy-to-install and low maintenance.


  • Needlepoint brush-type ionizer producing an equal amount of positive and negative ions
  • Neutralizes harmful pollutants and odors
  • Installed a the fan inlet of fan coil units in self-contained, potted ABS box
  • 24V AC
  • Supply Airflow: 2400 CFM max
  • UL validated for UL 867: Zero Ozone Emmissions


  • Horizontal Ceiling
  • Horizontal & Vertical Hi-Performance
  • Vertical Floor*
  • Vertical Stack (Mod)*
  • Direct Drive Blower Coil
  • Belt Drive Blower Coil
  • Cabinet Heater
    *not available for Stud (STW, STY) and Vertical Stack Ditto MAY/MBY units

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