VDY Vertical Direct Drive Blower Coil

Energy efficient, quiet operation, reduced maintenance and extended service life – these are the characteristics that make the Direct Drive Blower Coil Series an easy selection. The vertical (floor mount) units utilize a quiet and energy efficient EC Motor and are ideal for large spaces in offices, hotels, schools, universities and more that required a nominal CFM range from 600 – 3000.


  • Offered in 8 different unit sizes (06-30)
  • 600 to 3000 CFM
  • Up to 2.25″ of total static pressure
  • Energy efficient EC Motor
  • Field adjustable 3-speed blower operation
  • Universal filter rack fits 1″, 2″, or 4″ filters
  • Tool-free access from three sides
  • Removable double-sloped stainless steel drain pan
  • Optional Mixing Box for improved IAQ
  • Large, tool-free access panels on both sides
  • 4, 6, 8 row coil sizes to meet cooling and heating requirements


Reduce Costs

  • Eliminating the belt reduces install time, parts and maintenance
  • Efficient EC Motor reduces operating costs:
    • Soft start performance reduces the inrush current
    • 3 speed operation allows the fan to run at low speed during light load conditions

Experience Quieter Operation

  • No belt squeal
  • Soft start motor performance gradually increases fan speed

Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Removable double-sloped stainless steel drain pan eliminates water accumulation
  • Mixing box option circulates in outside fresh air

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