HTY Series Fan Powered Terminal Unit

Engineered for commercial spaces, the new HTY from IEC is designed to leverage your dedicated outdoor air system to intelligently deliver the ideal balance of dehumidified outdoor air for great comfort at an efficient operating cost. As the leader in fan coil technology, IEC is setting the standard once again in the commercial marketplace with the space-conscious, economical design of the new HTY Series Fan Powered Terminal Unit.


  • Unit sizes ranging from 600 to 2000 (CFM) performance for your specific needs
  • Customizable – can be programmed or tuned to specific job requirements
  • You choose unit sizing and finish options
  • 2-Pipe Cooling Coil options
  • 4-Pipe Heating/Cooling configuration available or take advantage of electric heat options
  • Standard EC Motor – Constant CFM (volume)
  • Integrated Primary Outdoor Air Damper Assembly
  • Access panels are conveniently located at the bottom and side for easy servicing of blowers and motors
  • Finish options include galvanized steel, with optional painted finishes
  • Designed to help buildings meet ASHRAE standards 90.1 and 62.1
  • Sound data based on testing conducted in accordance with AHRI-880
  • AHRI 440 certified
  • 4-inch MERV 13 filter options
  • Hose kits for ease of installation in the field
  • Factory supplied piping packages
  • Sloped stainless steel drain pan to meet ASHRAE 62.1


  • Easy Installation and Service — These units arrive at the jobsite ready to hang with pre-installed channels. Access panels are designed to offer convenient access to critical parts for rapid service, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Economical Operating Expenses — Modulating energy-efficient ECM fan and optional modulating valves are ready to be paired with your specified controls and BMS.
  • Quiet Operation. As Quiet As You Need. — Not only does the HTY deliver quality outdoor air, but the compact design operates quietly in the background thanks to features such as the optional return air module, perforated double wall insulation liner, and EC Motor. Standard unit configurations with sound levels down to NC 35 with an optional attenuator available to further reduce.
  • DOAS Ready — By leveraging the compatible DOAS feature, the HTY terminal units can deliver a balance of dehumidified, preconditioned outdoor air.

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Series Fan Powered Terminal Units

Horizontal units designed to introduce DOAS tempered ventilation air to the space. Units are designed to provide sensible heat and/or cool.

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