LHA/LHW Vertical Lowboy Hideaway Series

The Vertical Lowboy Hideaway (LHA/LHW) fan coil unit is designed for concealed, under-window applications. The low-silhouette design of the LHA and LHW does not interfere with vision through the window, obstruct light or detract from the motif of the room.


  • 200-600 CFM
  • Provided with galvanized finish
  • Optional condensate overflow switch to address the latest building codes where required
  • Tailored to recess into a wall or custom cabinetry by others to meet architectural needs


  • Application fit — designed for concealed, under-the-window designs, so as not to distract from room décor, obstruct vision through the window, or obscure lighting
  • Ease of installation — factory assembly minimizes piping and electrical work required at job site
  • Quality and safety — every unit is tested, inspected, and AHRI certified
  • Ease of service — all components are accessible by removing the front panel, making them one of the most maintenance friendly units available

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