MGY Mega Modular Series

The Concealed Mega Modular (MGY) fan coil unit is IEC’s premier unit, designed to deliver nominal airflow at 0.5” w.g. ESP in a ducted application. Though usually installed in a small mechanical closet, the MGY features an optional decorative return air panel to allow for a classic hi-rise type installation.


  • 1400-2000 CFM
  • Designed to be installed in a closet or furred-in enclosure
  • Ducted to provide indoor air comfort
  • Wide variety of coil configurations to match the heating and cooling loads of the space
  • Provided with galvanized finish on the cabinet


  • Application fit — units are specifically designed for quiet operation
  • Ease of installation — units assembled at the factory in coordination with the jobsite construction to minimize filed installation labor
  • Ease of service — easily accessible filters for quick maintenance
  • Every unit is tested and inspected at the factory for trouble free start-up

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