The team at IEC recently simplified the Attic Stock order process through our EnCompass platform. You might be wondering why this is such a profound change? We’d love to tell you. As it turns out, when we have connected with many of our customers, there are several examples of situations where Attic Stock orders have been the key to keeping a project start-up timeline intact. We collected this feedback for you here.

Here’s why Facility owners want you to have Attic Stock in your start-up plan:

  • You need spare parts readily available, if one unit does not operate properly or fails, your timeline is in jeopardy.
  • There’s a cost savings for the initial attic stock order, if bought later or after warranty, the cost is 2-3 times higher. Attic stock orders placed at initial order date qualify for the initial discounts of your project.
  • Consumable items will fail over time and Attic Stock means that parts are available on site 24/7 for maintenance. Replace from STOCK and reorder rather than wait for lead times to get your units back up and running.
  • During installation and start-up, parts can be used as warranty and replaced.
  • Attic stock is replaced at no charge during the warranty period, so you’re paying for parts only, no added labor.

Engineers want Attic Stock in your start-up plan, make it part of your specification and plan

  • If the items are specified, your owner will be on schedule for opening and keep all units operating without delay.
  • You can preserve your reputation of making sure the owner of large projects is prepared and on time, you get to keep building owner and leadership satisfied.
  • Having approved submittal documents, along with IOM and recommended spare parts for the project is part of the way you keep your promise to stay on time.

Contractors insist on Attic Stock in your start-up plan to minimize excessive labor and keep timelines intact.

  • When you have attic stock on hand, there is no need to have items shipped at the cost of overnight delivery to meet owner opening date(s), especially for projects that outside of the continental 48 states.
  • When you dip into attic stock to open on time, it is replaced at no charge during the warranty period, so you’re paying for parts only, no added labor.

Why Manufacturer’s Reps are including Attic Stock in your start-up plan:

  • By ordering the items when releasing the units, the price translates to same discounts as units themselves.
  • Attic stock minimizes the issues at start-up, rarely will you need to expedite parts to meet opening date(s).
  • Warranty replacement parts can be ordered with standard lead-times to replace attic stock.

Attic Stock best practices suggest that this is a great starting place for your attic stock order:

  • Motors and/or complete fan & motor deck assemblies (multiple)
  • Control valve actuators (multiple)
  • Thermostats (multiple)
  • Filters (definitely, plan change quarterly or monthly if pets are present)
  • Coils (at least one of each unit size)

Some additional items we see in Attic Stock orders include, Control boards, transformers, relays, disconnect switches, condensate level switches, SS braided hoses, flow control devices, wye strainers, vertical stack p-traps. Each job is different.

Get your team together to build your attic stock strategy for each job! Contact your IEC contact to make a plan today!

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