Welcome back to the field Quick-Ship Program!


IEC is calling our Quick-Ship program up to bat. That’s right! Quick-Ship is back, reimagined, and ready to help our sales team succeed. If you’ve ever been part of a baseball team, you know the value of calling in a designated hitter in times of need. Our reimagined Quick-Ship program is designed for just that.

We quietly shared the news about the return of our Quick-Ship program on Monday, September 26th and the fans in the stands cheered and applauded. So, it’s time to shout a little louder for the rest of you. Whether there’s been a natural disaster, a location has a few down units, or you just need to prove a concept for a job in process, we want to be your partner in this, and our Quick-Ship program can help you be prepared for the unexpected.

Our team has leveraged data and analytics from order history to curate an assortment of our most sought-after configurations of a few units, as well as some critical replacement parts. Eight of our fan coil units, and several aftermarket parts, are now available in lead times from 5, 10 and 15 business days.

We also have a new player to the lineup in our Quick-Ship program: Next Day Ship units! The specific ceiling and floor units are preconfigured for 2-pipe or 4-pipe systems and inventoried for next day shipment.

We are committed to meeting these urgent needs without disrupting the flow of your regular orders. We did this by making a few adjustments on our manufacturing line. Here’s the thing, team - I need you to understand there are parameters around our Quick-Ship program. Let’s walk through some of the Quick Ship-Guidelines…

  • First, Quick-Ship orders are limited to one order per rep office per 24 hours. This program is offered at a premium, to help alleviate emergency or immediate needs, not to replace your standard ordering practices. No loopholes here friends.
  • Next, we reserve a limited production capacity each day to support this program. This limit is in place to keep your regular orders flowing smoothly through our schedule without disruption. This capacity is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The rest of the fine print around order deadlines, unit limits, approvals, customizations, credit approval, and more can be found at iec-okc.com/quickship.

The moral of the story is, we’re on your team and we’re here to meet your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Review the details and offerings for this program at iec-okc.com/quickship. We will keep EnCompass and our website up to date for you!

Monica Smith

Monica Smith is the Strategic Pricing Manager at International Environmental Corporation (IEC). She joined IEC in 2018 as a Product Manager. Monica has a passion for bringing fun and joy to engineering meetings, working alongside a creative & passionate team, and realizing the positive impact of the work we do for consumers. Outside of work, you can find Monica trail running, biking, searching for northern lights and finding any excuse to be outdoors.

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